Our Vision



As people of Faith, united in our passion for social and economic justice, we celebrate our diversity in a spirit of unity. Respecting the dignity and worth of each person among us we offer a model of TRUE community to all of our cities. We dream of a time when the cycle of poverty and dependence no longer stifles hope and creativity. We dare to dream of a region where everyone has a voice and a place at the table where decisions are made and empowerment happens.


We are called, as faithful citizens, to promote policies and structures that advance equality and social and economic justice for all people. We will challenge policies that do not benefit the common good. We motivate, inspire, and work side by side with those who will work with us. Using our resources of all kinds, we strive to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the Hampton Roads region.


  • Researching community issues and potential solutions

  • Forging relationships with leaders and policy makers

  • Building appropriate partnerships to amplify our effectiveness

  • Educating ourselves and others about issues and actions in order to implement solutions

  • Energizing and organizing our congregations and our community to be effective advocates

  • Empowering those most affected by social and economic injustices

Action Issues to Help All People in the Region Thrive:

  • We continue to address affordable/opportunity based housing policies.

  • We continue to push for better redevelopment plans for the St. Paul's Quadrant of downtown Norfolk, including a stronger voice for residents.

  • We continue to encourage unity across the Hampton Roads community.

  • Core teams with our member congregations, and regional Task Forces, continually identify social and economic issues and solutions for pursuit as approved by the EHR Board of Directors.

Guiding Principles

  • We are informed, knowledgeable, educated, and credible when we speak about issues.

  • We respect the basic dignity and value of all people, especially when we argue issues.

  • We respect the different faith traditions of our member congregations and the freedom of all to speak and pray from their own faith traditions.

  • We know there is powerful unity in our diversity, because we all share the empowerment of a common belief in a just and united Hampton Roads region.

  • We speak with integrity.

  • We believe that the results of our work are in greater hands than ours; our work in bringing about justice and unity in our regions is an act of actualizing our faith.

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